• Scott Root

Mentor Spotlight - John Neff - Paychex


I’ve worked at Paychex for the past 10 years as a software developer and Solution Lead. I love contributing to the resolution of tough production issues: I get to solve problems, release exciting software, and lead a team of talented developers and testers. In a previous role, I wrote software that simulates gear teeth rolling against each other. It was a lot of math, graphics, and fun.

I graduated from RIT and am most experienced in AngularJS, JavaScript, Java, C#, ASP.NET, and T-SQL; I’m currently developing HR web applications using AngularJS backed by Java.

Outside of work, my greatest passion is flying. I have my private pilot’s license; there’s nothing better than soaring in a Cessna. In the winter, I love going to the library to stock up on science fiction books; I also love playing video games and hanging with my Great Dane, Nox. In summer, I can be seen taking epic walks downtown playing Jurassic World.

Participating as a mentor in the Hackathon will be a great opportunity-- where else can I see the things overcaffeinated college students can make? Honestly, it’s an honor to work among so many bright, talented students; I can’t wait to see the creative resolutions our community will achieve when they work together.