• Scott Root

Mentor Spotlight - Jean-Michel Guillemin, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Gian Corporation


Jean-Michel is renowned worldwide for his talent in successfully designing and implementing flexible and scalable IT solutions. He has been designing and deploying large-scale solutions for Framatome, Kodak, the United Nations (UNAIDS), Frenesius Medical Care (FMC), Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), and Monroe Muffler, among many other companies in the US and the Middle East. More recently, Jean-Michel has been designing and developing the Gian Nutrition Service, recently adopted conjointly by the University of Rochester Medical Center and Wegmans.

Jean-Michel was raised and educated in France. After being awarded a mechanical & electronic engineering degree, he received his doctorate in Software Engineering and Automation at the Université of Franche-Comté. he then went on to work in IT for 35 years. He started his career as a lead developer in Framatome in the late 80’s, then held several worldwide IT positions at Kodak for 20 years, first in Europe and then in the US. In 2010 Jean-Michel joined a newly founded startup, iVEDiX, for which he led the design and development of the commercial BI platform: miVEDiX. He co-founded Gian Corporation in 2018.