• Scott Root

Mentor Spotlight - Farhan Firaq - NextCorps / Luminate / Haqean


Mohamad Farhanuddin Firaq, CTO, Haqean

Farhan is an execution-oriented engineer and entrepreneur with a proven record in Innovation. He’s been awarded and recognized by academic, government and private organizations for his innovation skills. He has developed a variety of products including mobile payment (PayEasy for mobile payments with/without the Internet, and Braille Power, a portable device to help the visually impaired learn braille. Braille Power started as a student project with sponsorship from Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology and was among India's Top 50 Innovations at the Intel DST Challenge. Farhan is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Haqean, a Luminate accelerator cohort company. Haqean is developing on-demand quantum entropy to deliver seamless encryption of data using a single photon source based technology. Farhan hold two patents: Methods and processes for implementation of data over voice technology in smartphones (2017), and Novel Methodology and Electronic apparatus for secure computing and mobile banking (2018). He is a mentor for IEEE’s Enableathon, and the Ministry for Human Resource Development’s Smart India Hackathon.